Small Business, Big Business, All of our Business!!

With conditions easing, Australians can count themselves incredibly lucky.


This year we've battled bushfires, floods and now the coronavirus pandemic. This has seen an unprecedented lockdown of our economy. Today we had news that our PM is looking to businesses to keep Australia open.


We believe that our reusable copper masks will contribute to a viable solution for businesses as they get back on their feet and navigate these tricky times. We've already had numerous enquiries from overseas businesses, hotel chains and pharmacies about our masks but we want to turn our attention to home - because that's where our heart is.


Australian Businesses! This is for you - we want to get you back to work sooner rather than later - and we want to help protect your workforce and instil confidence and reassurance in your customers. Wearing a mask shows that you care about both your staff and customer's wellbeing.


If we dare to compare, our mask really is the coffee 'Keep Cup' of the mask industry. A reusable, high quality and eco-friendly alternative.


When looking at cost per use, our copper mask is far more efficient when compared to having to constantly replace a legitimate surgical mask everyday. (And did you know that a surgical mask only lasts approximately 20 minutes before its quality deteriorates?)


Our patented copper nanotechnology means the copper in our mask lasts as long as the mask itself. It is unlike anything else on the market and doesn’t degrade or wash out. What this means for you'll own a mask that is composed of 22% copper thread - that is unheard of before!


It is imperative for businesses to ensure they are getting value for money without compromising on the quality of protection for their staff and customers. And who wouldn't want to reduce their environmental footprint and look good at the same time?


So Australia - let us get you back to work - let's do it safely and let's not rush it!


We're here to answer your questions, hear your concerns and help out Australian business as much as we can.


We've opened up our contact page for businesses wanting to kit out their teams with these unique copper masks. Please get in touch with us to find out if you are eligible for our special business wholesale price too. 


For those employees wishing that their employers would get on board - have your Health & Safety manager shoot us a message


We can't wait to work with you - in the meantime, stay safe, wash them hands!


the Team at Copperline Australia.