Copper Face Mask Shipping Updates

Hi everyone!

Due to the recent unfolding events and reduced air traffic into Australia - our shipping times have been severely impacted. Rest assured - we are in constant communication with our partners to have this product delivered as soon as possible. For our existing orders - they will be heading out of our office as soon as we receive them.


We have had many enquiries regarding shipping internationally: The good news is that we are able to accomodate for international purchases. As of Friday the 17th of April, we have enabled shipping to the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland as well as New Zealand.


For those from Singapore - we thank you for your many enquiries! We don't directly sell in Singapore, however you can purchase them from your local supplier - KrissShop, Singapore Airlines. 


For any other countries bar China and Hong Kong - please send a contact request and we can see if we can manually put an order through for you! Rest assured if we can send it to you - we will.


We 100% believe in the quality of our masks and know that it will play a big role in our changing world - Thank you once again for your patience!


Stay safe and have clean hands,


- the team at Copperline Australia