Close Quarters and Droplets

It has definitely been a whirlwind of a couple of weeks and we have had restrictions slowly unwind here in Australia!


One thing people need to consider when they go back to work is the proximity of where they are in relation to other people in their own workspace or travel.


As we can see on the media, particularly noted of late by our Premier Gladys Berejiklian - using public transport carries a risk. 


The recent studies by the New England Journal of Medicine found that the recent outbreak of coronavirus lasts a very long time on varying surfaces. One aspect of the study does stand out however; one being in aerosols - the virus remains viable up to three hours and it is the copper which remarkably only allows four of viability before it disappears.


There are plenty of copper products out there being incorporated in masks. We believe ours is among the first in the world to incorporate a copper knit, rather than infusing copper oxide into fabric. The real difference between this and others is that the copper oxide will wash out - and over time, whilst getting the copper halo effect - it would certainly diminish.


With our fabrics, they contain actual copper thread. Meaning usage and viability will not be impacted. Washing and cleaning with soap - that can kill bacteria and virus - will not damage our fabric.


Customers have asked a lot of questions about this lately and we wanted to champion the properties of copper in this blog. We love the fact that we are able to provide a product that stands in longevity and protection as well as guaranteed retention of the copper in our fabric.


Our partners in South Korea have innovated for a very long time with this technology. Prior to this we were really excited to release a different type of Face Mask - a cosmetic one.


Although this cannot eventuate in the near future we anticipate this new line of product to surpass interest in our current protective facemasks range.


There are so many applications of copper in textiles and we are exploring my mapping and planning the next step we want to take in innovation.



We have transitioned to Sendle and one added bonus is that they use compostable satchels. Which mean you contribute so much more to the environment! Well done you! (:
We have ordered a sizable shipment of Black masks! Sooooo goood - I can hear some of you say. We're so excited and we will let you know as soon as they land.. Not too long now.
We hope you are all keeping well and staying safe.
With clean hands,
On behalf of all the team at Copperline Australia.