Businesses & Workplaces

We know that things are settling down, but the world we will be returning to might look different. We've been inundated with enquiries, and we're glad to have shipped our first batch!

We have also sent a massive amount to 🇺🇸 NYC - where we know it will be of valued use!

In a post lockdown world - there will be anxious times. We want to help small business get back on their feet and get back to a sense of normality!

As such - we wish to put it out there - and let you know we are in the process of kitting out some local businesses and their teams with our protective masks. 

With its all day use capacity and effective droplet protection - versus the degradation of surgical masks, some of which you cannot verify the efficacy and manufacturing quality - we think we are a viable, economical alternative to your workplace. Get in touch with us here!

We thank you for those who have been patient - and we will get to each and everyone of you. 

Have a great week!

the Team at Copperline Australia.